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About Us

Back in 2009, Drift Triking was not something people did, but a lone triker from the western suburbs where there were no hills, met up with a group of eastern thrill seeking tricycle owners for some fun in the hills. This was the start of Melbourne’s love affair with Drift Trikes.
With weekly meets in the outer suburbs and up in the high country rain hail or shine, nothing stopped them. When videos of their antics from budding cinematographers started hitting 60K views per day on YouTube, they had the fuel in their tanks.
Travelling the country for great places and massive hills in search of the ultimate slide. Doing exhibitions at long board events. Even participating in charity free rides, further exposed what was the next biggest sport with pedals.
Back then the trikes weren’t what they are today. Mostly standard sliders with Green Machine wheels saw a lot of carnage, giving rise to the birth of SlideStar.
The Melbourne group hosted the first ever Australian event in the Yarra ranges, this cemented Melbourne at the fore front of the sport. Melbourne Drift Trikes was born. The focus then became free rides, and things carried on.

Fast forward to 2013 and to an unfinished housing estate on a steep hill in Pakenham.
A few small groups of trike sliders had been making the most of this amazing venue and eventually all met up and formed a group that rode there together every Friday night. Then on Australia day 2014, the Pakenham group and MDT met each other on the hill at “Pakky”.

From there things have snowballed.

Melbourne Drift trikes has become one of the most active trike groups on the planet. Holding two events per week, and a big event each month. We are blessed with an amazing venue, and this has allowed our members to push the limits of what is possible on a trike. New members arrive every meet, and all are welcomed.

Melbourne Drift Trikes is paving the way, and is now an incorporated non-profit sporting club.

Vision Statement

The vision of MDT is to establish itself and grow as a world leading drift triking club. To make the sport attainable to all persons. To grow towards having our own venue where we can hold international contests and have the ability to pursue our passion for the sport of Drift Triking.

“ Fair go “

Mission Statement

The core values of MDT will always be to promote the sport of drift triking by providing a safe, fun, wholesome, well managed, non discriminatory community.

•To be able to offer any person, regardless of financial, ethnic, or social background who wish to trike in our club, a “fair go”.

•To help guide all peoples who take part in drift triking, whether part of our group or not, responsible practices, and the usage of safety equipment.

•To represent the sport and our club to the global community in a responsible and courteous way.

•To help our sponsors grow their brands and businesses by providing them with responsible representation to the community.

•To provide youth with a sporting outlet, group involvement, positive guidance and place of security, “mateship”, and ethical sporting practices.

•To give all members the right to voice their opinions, be heard, and vote towards the betterment of our club.

•To grow our fledgling sport from its underground home-grown roots, by the way of education, into the legitimized sport it has the potential to be.



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